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Welcome to the official website for Musical Blades! Seven rogues creating the soundtrack for the piratically sensible, humor accessible and musically excitable!


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Award winning new CD Release 'Pieces of Eight and Treasure of Old'
Proud to take 2nd place in the nationwide 10th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2014 with our newest release. Get it here!

'Best singing comedy act' and 'Best new CD' - 2013 
With all the amazing talent, at all of the Faires throughout the country, we are SO incredibly honored and grateful for THESE two awards! This is our Holy Grail, our Oscar, our Grammy, and we thank YOU, from the bottom of our Pirate hearts, for this incredible accolade!
Click HERE to see the full list of award winners

Pyrates Way Magazine 2014 Battle of the Bands -
Check out issue number 25, due the first week of October!

MUSICAL BLADES WIN! 2nd Place 'Best singing comedy act' and 'Best new CD' - 2014

MUSICAL BLADES WIN! - Top 100 Faire Favorites of All Time - Renaissance Magazine - Jan 2015

MUSICAL BLADES Nominated! 'Project Backstage 2015 Midwest Music Awards' - Best CD of the year AND Best guitarist of the year.


What's that scurvy lot a say'in?

Award Winning CD - Up the Ante - Initial Feedback
I got to listen to the new CD today! I love it, best yet! / Top notch boys! / Best yet! / I LOVE Up the Ante! / Got it, listened to it, loved it! A lot of fun! / All sorts of awesome! / IT IS AWESOME!!!! / The CD is awesome!!! / Love the new CD guys... job well done! / I love the extra instruments and the way they came through so clear! / Captain Patch's voice- I love how he can sound so different from song to son- mean and nasty to sweet and smooth as silk. / ROTFLOL! / LikeLikeLike!! / Sounds fantastic! / two very enthusiastic thumbs up! / just got it, and so far what I've heard I LOVE! / Up the Ante = Awesome / Amazing, funny and fresh! / This Kicks ass!! / I just want to keep playing it over and over again, well done guys! / Love 'Leaving of Liverpool'! I've heard other versions and yours is the best! / This CD is appropriately titled and really shows all the talent and versatility of the Musical Blades! / There is no song that I dislike on the entire CD. I like everyone of them! / It's nice to know the Blades can hit everyone with the "Lightning in a Bottle" that is this CD! / One word: Damn! / This is by far the best singing pirate CD I've ever listened to / You blew me away with your arrangements, vocals and mixing! / I've fallen in love with you guys all over again / New CD Kicks Ass! / Being playing it since Tuesday, can't stop. Great Job / If only I could blare Up the Ante through the whole office and have an epic dance party... / Rowdy is a freaking epic driving song, and South Australia makes me teary / Standing ovation, Blades!! I love Up the Ante!! / Ren Faire Song is AMAZING!
-Facebook comments

PiratePalooza was AWESOME!!! / You guys ROCKED :) Can't wait for more!! / It was amazing! / The best concert I have been to in years / It was freakin awesome! / twas outstanding good sirs! / Was a fantastic show Thank you so much / An awesome show guys!!! Loved the ending with everyone on stage singing together! / You guys were AMAZING as always! Loved the show. Can't wait to see you all perform again / WOW!! EPICALLY AMAZING TIME with Musical Blades
- Various e-mails/Public forum comments on PiratePalooza KC

"Loved you guys sooo much. had so much fun... yalls rock the big stage!" / "last night was tons of fun!!! yay!!! its soooo awesome to see my boys up there on stage moving up from good ol reni days!" / "The show was awesome. I had so much fun. And Whiskey in the Jar totally rocked!" / "It was a great night guys thank you .... you all rock!!!!" / "Last night was more than amazing" / "It was an amazing show. I had one of the best times I've ever had at one of your shows." / "That was hands down the BEST concert I've ever been to! You guys kicked ass and took names!" / "You were UTTERLY FANTASTIC tonight!!!" /  "Apocolyptically awesome concert"
- Various facebook comments about VooDoo Lounge show

"If you have never had a chance to see the Blades perform, you don't know what you're missing. Was well worth the five hour drive from Oklahoma. High energy from start to finish played for almost 3 hours non stop. Crowd was on their feet dancing and singing along from start to finish. Vocals and harmonies are great" / "The band shined and exploded their talents all evening. Fantastic music and incredible energy. All the performers are wonderful, fun, kind and amazing people" / The Musical Blades concert totally was awesome. It was the party of the year and these guys put together a great set list." / "I have seen the Musical Blades perform several times and am never disappointed. This time around they were even better! The energy was just amazing!! New songs, a chance to mingle with the guys before and after the show, everything a fan could wish for!! Can't wait for their next show!" You can never beat a concert by the Musical Blades. It was well worth the money and the trip to Kansas City and would do it again in a heartbeat." / "Musical Blades were amazing. First time seeing them in a venue setting, but will definitely make the trip again" / "What an unforgettable night. Musical Blades are one of the most down to earth and friendly bands ever, and boy do they love their fans. The shows are packed with humor and jokes, as well as dynamics and beautiful music."
- various reviews

"I love the Musical Blades. I caught two of your shows at the KCRF
yesterday and was awestruck.
-Fan Club Member

One of, if not the best pirate bands! The Blades have a following that packs the house everywhere they appear. Not your typical Pirate band by any means!
-Brownville Renaissance Festival and Pirate Cruise

"I got to actually see the Musical Blades here at the OKRF in Muskogee, OK for the first time ever... We were lucky to have them even if it was only the first two weekends of our five weekend festival. We even got to preview one of the new songs, fabulous, you can't help but sing it out loud. They were so good we bought two CDs the first time we heard them..."

"Without a doubt, what you come to the Renaissance Festival for! The finest group of Pirates, featuring some of the best music you can find. The Blades are destined to be a legend in the Renaissance circle."
-Joplin, MO Renaissance Festival

"Great run at St Louis guys! Keep it up and someday you might be rockstars!" / "I love you guys! I've been to several ren faires and pirate faires and always make sure to see you each time!" / "You guys totally topped my first experience at the STL Pirate festival... Loved the show!" / "Just bought your new CD... wanted to tell you it sounds amazing"! / "you guys are freakishly amazing... I love you!!!"
-Online Comments

Join the Musical Blades Fan Club:

That's right, we now have an official Musical Blades fan club. Membership benefits via this Yahoo based fan club include inside information on the group. Discounts on Musical Blades merchandise. Free performances for 'fans only' are in the works, and our new CD releases are often available to the fans first, at discounted prices.