Full Frontal Piracy

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That's right mates, flat out, in your face, full frontal piracy!

Our goal was simply piratic with this one... "blow'em outta da water!" with hard hitting sea songs like the title track, and
14 years on a pirate ship. Then leave'em cryin with sentimental ballads like Johnny Home.

We blast through and hold no punches as we tell the story of Castrating Katy, and what would a collection of pirate ditties be with out drinking songs? Here you'll find the tracks Drink, Drink, Drink - Two Shots - The Toasting Song, and
a pirate version of the traditional Irish sing-a-long Whiskey in the Jar.

16 total tracks in all! We think you're going to love this new CD! Listen to Samples below...

Taken from a Facebook.com Poll - What's your favorite Musical Blades song?
Wow... It would have to be "Johnny Home". I cried so hard when I first heard that song and it took listening to it more than 10 times in a row before I could go the whole thing without sobbing.

Still, at the very I always get teary eyed. The line "And we all watched as she died a little bit right there" especially.
- Natalie Rae - St Louise, MO

1. 14 Years on a Pirate Ship   Watch Video  
2. Whiskey in the Jar   Watch Video
3. Drink Drink Drink
4. Johnny Home
5. Full Frontal Piracy
6. Tiggo Bitty
7. Hempin Jig
8. Old Maui
9. Castrating Katy
10. Come Along
11. Two Shots
12. Sail Away
13. Captain Curse
14. Pirate Hell
15. Heave Haul Away
16. The Toasting Song

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Batten Down Them Hatches!
author: Jeffrey A. Madl
Thar be no storm but when th' Musical Blades begin t' play th' ship sure she begins t' ROCK! ('n I aint talk'n rock-n-roll mates!) 14 Yar on a pirate ship aint enough, we need 14 More! Best Whiskey in a Jar version I have ever drank to! Johnny Home...well mate, pull out th' hankies for this one is spot on, too bad all them scum on Capital Hill don't hear this one, ALL o' th' great USA for that matter - a real song with a message (HUZZA boys, this one is a winner!) Sail Away...aye, this one sure t' become a classic! Th' Toasting Song; well, This One Be For Ye Musical Blades!!! This whole album...'er CD, BE GRAND!!
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