WTF?! (Where's the Funny?!)

"If you only see ONE movie this year....... see something better than this!"

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WTF?! (Where's the Funny?!)
Running Time: 2hrs, 10min, 37sec of WTF?!

Purchase DVD - $25.00

Ex-Ufologist, G. Leslie Peawhipple, sets out to make a name for himself as a respected journalist. The first step in his quest toward notoriety, to interview a band of delusional Pirates... from the mid-west no less!

With a Piratical tip-of-the-hat to the movie Spinal Tap, comedy ensues with a variety of WTF moments from band members, ex-band members and more, that will leave Mr. Peawhipple well on his way to a nervous breakdown, or, at the very least, seeking a new profession. 2+ hours of WTF?! Includes Musical Blades performance footage as well.

WTF?! The home spun mockumentary from Musical Blades contains the same type of PG-13 humor that audiences have come to expect via our CD's and live performances. As always, parental discretion is advised.

For the past several years, friends and fans have been asking us, "When are you going to release a DVD?". Our response? "Careful what you wish for..."  So in a way... this is all your fault. ;)


From the Blog


We've been telling people about this new DVD of ours, set for a late Spring release, for a few weeks now, but the question we've been hearing most is, "What is this DVD all about?" or "What kind of DVD is this?" So, without further adieu, allow us to explain. WTF?! is, above and beyond anything else, a "mockumentary".

Mockumentary: 1.) A fictional film that is in the style of a documentary and pretends to be a documentary. A mock documentary. 2.) A fake documentary - very often comedic in nature - done with a lot of tongue-in-cheek "seriousness" and often closely mimicking an actual documentary.

WTF?! is "home spun", meaning we sat down over a few ales and grog and said, "You know what would be funny?... What if we did something completely different? What if we took collected performance footage of Musical Blades, and sprinkled it in over the course of a 2 hour mockumentary, ala Spinal Tap, but instead of the movie being about a rock band, it'll be about a group of Pirates, from the midwest, that think they're really Pirates of yore, albeit in a VERY anachronistic manner... A group that enjoys McDonalds, big screen TV's, and a lighted stage, but at the same time think they live on a Pirate ship, Circa 1742. We'll have an interviewer (G. Leslie Peawhipple) who, intrigued by this group that is obviously out of touch with reality, sets out to make a name for himself as a respected journalist. Will the Pulitzer Prize be in his future, or will he instead have a nervous break down? And what's in it for this band of Pirate misfits who have agreed to these interviews?"

So... we then proceeded to write a script outline, and soon after called in the help of a few ex-blades members to play a part, also calling on Brad Torres of Ogrot/Beerside Scoundrels to perform the interviews, and soon, with camcorders in hand, began shooting what would become WTF?!. 15 hours of footage was then whittled down in our trusty video editor, over the course of a couple of months, to 2+ hours of footage that makes US laugh! 2+ hours that may in fact leave YOU asking, "WTF?!"

* Is it dumb?... Is it silly?  Of course it is, have you met us?!

* Is it low-budget?  You betcha!

* Is it funny?  Well... it depends on your sense of humor. We think it's hilarious! 


"The most appropriately titled movie in cinematic history!"


SOLD OUT!!  Check back soon!

WTF?! (Where's the Funny?!)

Running Time: 2hrs, 10min, 37sec of WTF?!

Purchase DVD - $25.00

The first movie from Musical Blades!

...we think it's hilarious!

Now Available!!

  "Corny, surrealistic, disjointed, absurdist and cracked me the heck up!  I like!"

"What's the word I'm looking for?? Don't know there's a word in the MW Dictionary that quite says what I want to say, but this is AWESOME!"

"EPIC...just sayin'...WTF was...EPIC!!"

"I laughed so hard I almost peed myself!! LMBO!"

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