Captain Patch - Albert Hall

The original Musical Blade and 'Captain' of the crew, Albert is a veteran of the sound stage and studio and has performed in venues throughout the Midwest for over 25 years.  Albert began the Musical Blades back in the fall of 2000 and has remained the primary visionary for the band.  He has many hats he wears along with his Captain's hat, such as Recording Engineer, Producer, Writer, Artistic Coordinator, and Promoter.  


Saxton - Derrin Skorupan

Who is this "Bowler Hat" wearing chap, and why does he keep thinking he's in the band? Is he a Pirate?  We have no idea, but he keeps showing up on stage at our performances, at our rehearsals, and even our recording sessions(!?).  Derrin has brought input into song writing and brings a big, dumb, lovable character to life...quite convincingly!  After realizing he wouldn't go away, Derrin was officially invited to join the crew in May of 2010!


Pappy McBeard - Mike Collier 

What mysteries are hidden behind the epic beard?  We may never know. Mike AND his beard bring a wealth of knowledge and talents to the crew.  Mike is the crew's 'Engineer'.  He has a keen knowledge of how to do anything and everything and as such, is often responsible for putting together various projects such as our CD box, our merch box, building stage sets and even his very own instrument.  Mike has the biggest set of cajons we've ever seen, and between those and the various toys he brings to the show, he is always a busy guy!  Mike was drug onto the ship in September of 2011. 


Saucy Jack Tar - Michael Doss

Michael has been entertaining the musical scene in the midwest in various bands for 20 years, but the Musical Blades are his first foray into 'pirate music.'  Michael has been an important piece in the direction of the band's music. Michael was hired after Patch saw him in another band and thought he 'looked piratey' and knew he would be willing to wear ridiculous clothing back in February of 2012. 

Gunpowder Red - Ryan Irwin

Ryan has been a part of the Kansas City music scene for over a decade, having performed in several bands with Marty (Zulu), as well as sharing the stage multiple times with Michael (Saucy Jack). When the Blades needed a new member of the 'core' stage crew, Michael and Marty knew he would make a huge contribution to the bands writing and performances. Behind the scenes, he is a big part of crafting the stage show and comedy writing, as well as adding ideas and dynamics to the bands songwriting. On stage  he is the bouncing tattooed Irish Scotsman from Oklahoma. Ryan was press-ganged into Piracy November 2013.


Fathomless Finn Bender - Jonathan Tucker 

Jonathan is a Kansas City musician veteran, and has been performing out most of his life with all sorts of acts ranging from heavy metal to celtic rock and jazz. He joined mid 2018, and is already contributing a high degree of weirdness to the already eccentric group of pirates. Jonathan is not to be allowed near bodies of water without Safety Duck.  

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